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Cu-Sil® Partials

Cu-Sil® partial dentures are the simplest and gentlest RPD available on the market. They offer practicality and esthetics for partially edentulous patients. This acrylic tissue-bearing prosthesis that has a soft elastomeric gasket, which helps eliminate the wear, stress, and torque that comes with traditional metal clasps. It can reduce and even eliminate the further loss of dentition, because it cushions and splints the natural teeth from the hard denture base, as well as sealing out food and fluids. It ensures efficiency in a practice and will save you time and money by requiring no special preparations or impression techniques. This innovative partial minimizes adjustments and chairtime, as well as allows lost cost add-ons, repairs, and relines. Patient satisfaction is high with this partial due to its near unnoticeablity, exceptional comfort, fit, and function.


  • Reduces adjustments and chair time
  • Soft elastomeric gasket eliminates common issues of metal clasps
  • No special preps or impression techniques needed
  • Helps prevent further loss of teeth
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