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Straumann® Angled Solution Systems

The Angled Solution Systems from Straumann® provides flexibility for every implant surgery. Unlike its alternatives, this system is compatible with all platforms, not just Straumann®, and can be used with either conventional or digital designs. It utilizes a top-of-the-line self-retaining screwdriver, which works with all Straumann® platforms. The diameter of the screw channel is optimally small, which provides more spaces for the final restoration. This solution allows for up to 25° of angulation. The outcome will be a restoration with ideal retentive power, due to Straumann’s proven, conical screw connection and the insertion torque of 35 Ncm. The screw-retained approach provides a straightforward workflow and easy handling.


  • Compatible with All Platforms
  • Works with Conventional and Digital Designs
  • Up to 25° of Angulation
  • Ideal Retentive Power
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