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Nobel Biocare® Angulated Screw Channel

The Angulated Screw Channel from Nobel Biocare® is an ideal solution when faced with the esthetic challenges of placing screw-retained implants in the anterior and occlusal access in the posterior. It allows you to place a screw-retained crown anywhere in the mouth as the screw access hole can be placed anywhere between 0° and 25° in a 360° radius. By not requiring a buccal screw access point, screw-retained crowns can be placed in esthetic areas. Your patients can now experience all the benefits that come with screw-retained crowns, such as increased rates of implant success due to the elimination of wet cement in the operatory.


  • Allows for Screw-Retained Crowns in the Anterior
  • Solves Occlusal Access Issues in the Posterior
  • Increases Implant Success
  • Highly Predictable Retention
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